Solid Metal Plate Rainscreen Wall Panels

Solid Metal Plate panels for Rainscreen walls is one of the most functional and long lasting exterior cladding materials.  Choose from different finish colors and panel sizes.  If you are looking for a metal exterior wall, these are a great choice.

Rainscreen Solid Metal Panels

  • Manufactured from solid aluminum, zinc plate, or stainless steel
  • 100% recyclable with high percentage of post-consumer and industrial content (LEED credits)
  • Integral panel returns formed from a single piece of metal
  • Concealed fastening, using corrosion resistant self-tapping screws
  • High resistance to puncturing and denting
  • Fully mitered and welded corners, ground smooth for a seamless corner
  • 0.625" horizontal and vertical joints standard (variable options can be customized)
  • Non-Combustible.  Minimal smoke and fuel contribution
  • Integrated LEDs as an option
  • Integrated planters and irrigation as an option
  • Unlimited color options for aluminum plate
  • Optional back-cuts on formed panel edges for sharper, crisper appearance
Why Solid Metal Panels for Rainscreen walls?

safer and better for the environment – no foams or plastics

Solid metal plates for exterior rainscreen cladding are not fused with foam cores or plastics, so there is no risk of delamination.  This is a concern with Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) or Aluminum Composite Material (ACM).  Solid metal plate also has significant value as scrap, so it can be recycled at the end of its service life as exterior cladding.  IMP and ACM typically end up as landfill, and if it is recycled it is costly as it is difficult to separate metal from plastic.  Solid metal plate also contains no toxic plastics, so it will not create dangerous safety and health risks in the event of a fire.

panels stay dry and free from mold

Solid metal plate panels do not absorb water, and instead shed water away from a building.  Our solid metal panels are manufactured from corrosion-resistant, non-ferrous metals, to help keep buildings free from water damage and mold development.


Solid metal plate panels make great exterior cladding material because they are strong and thick.  Metal plate must be at least 1/8″ thick, making it extremely durable.  Sheet metal, which is less than 1/8″ thick, has the risk of oil canning.  Metal’s plate’s thickness, as well as appropriate material selection, make it far more resistant to denting than sheet metal or ACM, whether caused by nature or people.

Aluminum plate is the most commonly used, because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, but stainless steel and zinc plates are also popular.

formed to your vision

Metal plate’s high formability and strength make it more affordable to create incredible architectural expressions, from flat to bold angular or curved forms that provide movement, texture, and rhythm.

Precision manufactured for each project

Gast Home systems are precision-manufactured for each building, so there is no costly field fabrication requiring advanced skills.  Simply mount them on the wall.