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with consulting, our goal is to inspire more projects so more people can live in an intuitive and connected way.

we work with anyone that believes a connection to nature is essential for spiritual fulfillment.  We are constantly exploring how to build in a way congruent with this desire.  We offer our resources and expertise to help people live the way humans were meant to live–connected to our surroundings so we can be at peace and inspired.  we bring ideas and solutions towards the many ways to integrate buildings into their SURROUNDINGS.

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The process

The process of designing and building a home should not become overwhelming as it often does, often making sacrifices and not completing the design to its full potential. We understand, which is why we created a process that focuses on the most important items, and allows you to get the project of your dreams.


Quick visualization of your idea is necessary to move forward with conviction. Dragging and dropping objects into a 3-D model is the quickest and easiest path to visualize how your choices affect the overall project, and this quick win prevents getting stuck.

Design and Materials List

Completing a design and materials list early in the project assures you focus on what becomes important once the project is finished. Avoid the pitfall of scrambling to select items at the end of construction and making sacrifices because you are running out of time.

Purchase Components Directly

A big time saver is the option to purchase everything online thru us, so you know what things will cost. This saves everyone time.

 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all aswers here if you need them

We help with aspects of design, fabrication, and product selection.  

We charge by the hour for our services.  We are very transparent about our pricing up front. 

We focus on residential projects, so kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, entryways, and multi-purpose rooms.

Yes.  Many times the right paint color goes a long way towards making a room pop, and putting you in a better mood.  Paint color is just one of the many selections we help with.  We specialize in selecting any finish you will see.

Yes.  We have searched the world for the best and most unique lighting fixtures that will make your home truly one of a kind.  We will help you select them.

Yes.  We have done a lot of research on plumbing fixtures, and can recommend the best ones.  We love Kohler plumbing fixtures, but not their prices, and they are not flexible to work with.  Luckily we have found many plumbing fixture manufacturers with great designs and quality, for a great value.  We know where to find them!

Many of the items can be purchased from us, and we can source most products.

No.  We are not satisfied until you are happy with your selections and project.

Examples of Gast Home in action

We have a database of unique building components and materials, offering a  new type of home that is more connected to your environment and focused on your wellness. Below are a few projects done to showcase what can be done.  With in-built elements and add-ons you can design your dream home of the future.

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Take advantage of unlimited possibilities to customize the look of your home. We give you control of each and every space, fixture, and material. And the best thing is: we have made it extremely easy to do. Contact us to let us know how we can help.
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