Kitchen Storage – Hidden

KITCHEN Storage – hidden
To maximize the use of your kitchen’s space, Gast offers a wide range of intelligent, high-quality, interior accessories.  We want to give you the option to organize everything in a tidy, but immediately retrievable way.  To do this, we have options for base and wall cabinets, and drawers.  Gast offers solutions that best satisfy functional and aesthetic requirements.  There are many options to choose from.  Most storage options are customizable, and can be manufactured with a range of materials.
cabinet organization
Cabinets can do much more than just contain shelves.  They can have custom drawers for efficient organization.  The cabinet doors can fold and slide out of the way, revealing additional workspaces with sliding shelves and wall storage.  Custom cabinets can even store small appliances like mixers, blenders, and coffee makers.  The cabinet door can flip up vertically, and include a shelf that slides out for easy use.
Cabinet Shelves
Cabinet Organization
Cabinet Workspace
Small Appliance Containers
Small Appliance Storage
Drawer organization
Standard or custom drawer inserts can be used to store and organize various kitchen accessories.  Gast drawer storage inserts are available in natural woods, metal, or plastic.  Inserts are available for pans, silverware, cutlery, containers, and many other accessories. Our drawer storage options offer practical utensil and cutlery storage for common drawer sizes.  Custom storage containers can be fabricated for your extreme organization needs.
Drawer Storage
Cabinet Inserts – Silverware
Custom Drawer Inserts
Shallow Drawer Inserts
Deep Drawer Inserts
Movable Column Inserts
Perforated wood inserts with posts divide the drawer space for your larger objects like pots and pans.
Hidden Backsplash Storage
Custom backsplashes can be used to store and organize smaller kitchen accessories.  A sliding door in stone, natural wood, metal, or plastic can conceal and reveal commonly used items.  Standard inserts are also available.
Backsplash – Storage
Backsplash – Hidden
Hidden Closet Storage
Walk-in closets or pantry’s integrated with the kitchen cabinets are a great way to store many items but keep them out of view.