Central to the kitchen work area, the sink can be a stylistic and functional juggernaut, together with the faucet and countertop space it is connected to.  Sinks can have one or two bowls.  They can be built directly into the worktop, or sit on top of the countertop.  Sinks can be made from a wide range of materials in many different sizes.  We understand their importance in the kitchen experience, so Gast offers our solutions that best satisfy functional and aesthetic requirements.  It is up to you which one you prefer.

A single bowl sink fully integrated into the worktop is a seamless aesthetic with uninterrupted functionality.  Welded and solid surface options available.

Sink – Single Square Stainless
Stainless Single Square Sink

The sink with a single, stainless steel, square bowl, mounted under the worktop.

Sink – Double Bowl Stainless
Double Sink - One Shallow - Stainless

Sink with two stainless steel square bowls, one shallow.

Sink – Single Square Solid Surface
Single Square Sink - Solid Surface

The sink with a single, solid surface, square bowl.

Sink – Double Bowl Stainless with Inserts
Custom Sink with Inserts - Stainless Steel

Multi-function sink with custom inserts.