The kitchen of the future is CONNECTED

What will the kitchen of the future look like? It will still have the basic elements that make up kitchens today: cabinets, countertops, pantry storage, garbage and recycling bins, and gadgets. It’s the gadgets that will change in a big way.  There are some important tech trends that are shaking up the world of kitchen design. Here are just a few.

  • Interactive Cooking Surfaces
  • Smart refrigerators
  • Green sinks and dishwashers
  • A Central Brain
  • Cameras & Sensors
  • High-Resolution Touchscreens

With the growth of cloud kitchens, drone deliveries, and meals on demand, some believe that fridges as we know them will disappear in future kitchens. It is more likely that inductive cooling containers will sit on induction shelves to provide cooling for good in the future kitchen. Simply set the container on an induction cooling table, and food will be chilled in an instant.  Homes can be designed so these units are accessible from the outside with a code, making delivery easier.

Current refrigerator manufacturers are making huge strides in facilitating individual cooling zones, so refrigerated goods can be stored at optimal temperatures. Fridges of the future will also be able to keep track of what’s inside.  While this tech exists already (users have to input their goods into an app one-by-one), fridges of the future will be able to determine what’s inside without any user interaction. This will likely be done through barcode scanners installed inside the fridge, or pressure sensors built into the fridge shelves.

Interactive Cooking Surfaces

The future of stove cooking is in interactive induction surfaces.  Induction heating uses magnetic components hidden underneath the cooktop to heat pots and pans. But instead of just heating the bottom of the pot, induction heating heats the entire pot – meaning food is cooked faster and more evenly. Pots and pans can be placed anywhere on the cooking surface, not on one particular heating area. In the Connected Kitchen, a projector will beam down recipes, cooking information and other handy notes straight onto the cooking surface.


The emphasis on wasting less will have a large impacts on future kitchens.  Discarded water from sinks and dishwashers will be divided into safe and unsafe water to be used to feed plants.  Tip the sink to one side to drain dirty water, and to the other side for safe “gray” water, which is not drinkable but can be used for the dishwasher or to nourish the herbs and other plants growing near the kitchen.  Food waste will be composted.

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