To increase happiness by facilitating a more evolved and elevated way of living that is deeply CONNECTED to the forces of nature and the human experience.


To lead by shaping the future of how we build and live on this planet.

Want to live more in harmony with your environment but don’t know how?

we can help

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  • Cooking Rituals
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  • Wholistic Rituals
cooking rituals
The rituals of cooking have always been vital to the human experience, starting with our primitive ancestors. The kitchen is the modern day theatre for these rituals. Through research and experimentation we identify concepts for kitchens to connect us to these traditions in a visceral way, and elevate the experience.
Experience Wellness

The environment that surrounds you each day is directly linked to your wellness.  See how we adapt your environment for a healthier you.

GET Connected
Technology, when used properly, can elevate a home’s experience.  Take advantage of the latest technologies as tools for living.

The latest Functionality Enhancing Technology

Immersive Hardware and Intuitive Software

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Accent Lighting
Accent Lighting

Lighting can be used in the kitchen to provide ambiance.

Inside Cabinet Lighting
Inside Cabinet Lighting

Lighting inside cabinets and drawers provides function and detail.

LED Work Lighting
LED Work Lighting

LED strip lights above work spaces provides functional lighting.

Hanging Light Fixtures
Hanging Light Fixtures

Overhead hanging light fixtures provide useful light while making a statement

Flush Electric Stovetops
Flush Electric Stovetops

Flush electric stovetops provide the cleanest look and are easiest to clean.

Integrated Gas Burners
Integrated Gas Burners

Gas burners can be fitted directly into the countertop, in any arrangement.

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“Let your home appear to grow easily from its site and shape it to sympathize with the surroundings.”  — Frank Lloyd Wright
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Jan 2024
Jan 2024

Can you find spirituality in the places around you?

People who have spent a lot of time talking with me have realized I speak…

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