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DUAL Kitchen
Guests don’t need to see the dirty work.  Our dual kitchen provides an entertainer’s kitchen, with a separate space for the preparation and cleaning. 
show off your kitchen; hide the hard work
ADAPT our LAYOUTS & modules
Kitchens are now multi-functional, with a focus on socializing and entertaining.  Separating the dirty work into a subordinate pantry like space frees up your main kitchen to take on much more.

Our modules can be modified with:

  • Different layouts
  • Material Selection
  • Different Sizes
  • Custom Options

We always design based on careful research.  We learned that people desire an uncluttered kitchen that they can use in peace, but also show off to guests.  When you have the space, The dual kitchen is a great option to hide the kitchen clutter for a more balanced home lifestyle.

how to make them work
make the pantry functional

Utilize the main kitchen as both a work- and social area where family and friends can interact while meals are being prepared.  Then build a fully functional second kitchen with plumbing, and plenty of prep and storage space.

  • Extremely functional
  • Great for entertaining
  • Large workspace
  • Natural Traffic Flow
  • Bold aesthetic
  • Can be multifunctional
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