Kitchen Storage – Visible

KITCHEN Storage – Visible
For those that like to put their organization skills on display, Gast offers a wide range of intelligent solutions and accessories.  The focus is still organization with immediate retrieval, but without cabinet doors and drawers getting in the way.  To do this, we have options for open shelving, backsplash storage and utilization, and integrated island storage capability.  Gast offers solutions that best satisfy functional and aesthetic requirements.  There are many options to choose from.  Most storage options are customizable, and can be manufactured with a range of materials.
Open Shelving
“Library” is our innovative shelving system that can hold and organize many of the objects used in the kitchen.
Backsplash storage
Backsplashes are one of the most underutilized areas in the kitchen. And yet they are arms length from the kitchen’s most used workspaces. Gast designs backsplashes to store, organize, hang, and display useful items. Standard or custom inserts or add-ons can be used for a wide range of accessories.
“Magneto” Backsplash
Our magnetic surfaces provide a blank canvas for your backsplash. Just choose your accessories and organize anyway you like.
Backsplash – Magnetic
Backsplash – Magnetic Accessories
Island Storage
Islands are an ideal location for storage in a convenient location. Components can be designed to be visible or concealed.