Wood Cladding Passive Rainscreen System


Wood Cladding Passive Rainscreen System


Pricing is per square foot.  Because of its beauty and sustainability, wood is an wonderful material for cladding.  Gast Home Wood Wall Elements allow architects and builders to create subtle or dramatic articulated facades that are easy to design and install.  Our standard textures and colors can add character and richness to cladding for new construction, or existing structures.  Our wood panels are great for ventilated facades, like rainscreen walls.  Our panels are compatible with a wide range of facade applications and cladding support systems, and can be used for exterior or interior applications.

Size is:

  • Minimum order quantity is 5,000 square feet per color.
  • Lead time can be 12-14 weeks, starting from approved samples, shop drawings, and deposit

White, Titanium, Nature Gray, Graphite, Ivory, Sand, Beige, Terracotta red

natural wood passive rainscreen system

Because Gast Home was created with the goal of democratizing custom building, our products can be formulated in an expansive range of designs, colors, textures, and aesthetics.  Standard lead time for these products is 12 weeks, but it does depend on the complexity of the panels.  We offer simple facade designs with modest texture and reliefs, repeating geometries, and our most popular standard colors that fully leverage the efficiency of our automated processes, resulting in lower prices and shorter lead times.  Custom textures and surface patterns with more relief, oversized panels, profiles, perforated panels, and other 3D shapes require additional design and engineering support which is offered thru our Custom Program.  Please contact our Technical Support Team to discuss custom applications.

Wood types

Gast Home uses durable, sustainable woods with the aesthetics and performance of the best tropical hardwoods.  They require minimum maintenance and bring low life-cycle costs.  We also use non-durable softwood species (i.e. Pine) which go thru our wood modification process.  Softwoods naturally start with a lighter color, turn a deep, rich brown color after the modification process, and then lighten again following exposure to sun.  The darker color can be maintained using UV protection oils.


Below are the standard colors that were developed for the building industry, but custom colors can be made upon request for projects needing excess of 5,000 square feet.

Because wood is a natural material, it will exhibits subtle color variation between panels.  To minimize color variation, we take the following steps:

  • Climate and humidity controlled curing chambers
  • Tight specification and control of stains
  • Precise material dosing to match
  • Stringent quality management procedures for incoming raw materials

* Darker colors have greater chance of color variance

Textures and visual range

Gast Home wood panels provide architects and contractors with a a choice between smooth, even wood patterns, or wood with strong grain patterns and knots.




We enhance our sustainable soft wood with a bio-based liquid.  The process modifies the wood cell walls, resulting in hardwood qualities and a rich color.  We use other wood modification methods like heat treatment, polymer grafting, and acetylation.

weather and weather testing

Weathering is measured according to ASTM G155.  Gast Home uses in-house Xenon-arc weathering chambers for testing.  Third party laboratory certified testing of custom colors can be arranged for an additional charge.

In addition to accelerated weather testing, we also conduct extensive outdoor weathering tests including sun, precipitation, and chlorides.

joints and thermal movement

Joint size is determined by designer preference, installation tolerances, and building movement.  Thermal movement in negligible and does not affect joint size.  The coefficient of linear expansion of a 36″ panel over a 68 degree Fahrenheit temperature swing is 0.016″ (0.4mm).


Gast Home wood panels are tested according to the methods for ASTM.  All test results exceed the requirements for classification of Type A, Grade IV (highest grade).

environmental impacT

Wood is a sustainable product, and all of our woods are typically sustainably sourced.  We also maximize our panel usage to reduce waste.

Installation of wood Panels

Gast Home wood exterior wall panels are primarily used for back ventilated facade wall assemblies (rainscreen), with or without continuous exterior insulation.  They are also compatible with a wide range of sub-frame products, and can be used with curtain wall fabrications with horizontal and continuous rail orientation attached to a sub-frame.

Gast Home offers single-source ordering for several mounting hardware components and systems for our wood panels.  We offer rails, clips, face fasteners, and concealed anchors.

  • Rails are available in 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths
  • Panels are factory drilled for KEIL undercut anchors and can be shipped with clips attached
  • Clips and rails are made from recycled content

Our clip extrusion profile is designed specifically so that KEIL undercut anchors mechanically engage the panel without transferring internal stress.



Custom wood panels

Gast Home has developed a wide range of custom textures, patterns, perforations, shapes, and profiles.  However we are always looking to innovate and drive forward new technologies, systems, and methods in pursuit of the best solutions for the end user at the best price.  Please contact us as soon as possible in the design process, so that our team can assist you in optimizing for material performance, manufacturing process, and budget.

design and technical support

Gast Home designers and project managers are typically involved in projects from start thru manufacturing, delivery, and even installation.  We provide expertise at each step in the process, and are always here to help with what you need.  Please contact our Technical Support Team with any requirements.

cost comparison, Quality, and timing

By controlling the entire process, and with vertical integration, Gast Home is able to achieve efficiencies, eliminate distribution markups, and bring projects in at a lower cost and in less time.