Sintered Stone Slab – Carrara


This sintered stone provides all the benefits of the latest in surface technology, with the look of natural marble.  Don’t be fooled – this is not natural carrara marble, but you would be hard pressed to know upon close inspection.  With new texturing technology, we offer this sintered stone in a variety of textures that feels just like real marble.  Available in large format slabs and thicknesses as small as 1/8″, making it great for wall, floors, countertops, or backsplashes.  Unlike natural marble, this is resistant to scratching, high temperatures, and etching when exposed to acidic foods.  These sintered stone slabs are technically more durable and visually more vibrant than anything on the market.

Sintered stone is an engineered product, and the result of years of research and innovation.  It is made with 100% raw natural ingredients, subjecting them to very high pressure and temperatures.  The raw materials first go through a press where a force of 400 bars is applied.  Then the slabs are backed in an over at more than 1,200°C.

Sintered stone is the latest state-of-the-art architectural surface.  The production process gives sintered stone physical features that separate it from the pack of other building materials.  It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Using the latest technology, we integrate the color and design throughout the entire slab and the edges, resulting in a full body veining pattern.  A water based decoration technique greatly reduces contaminating emissions put into the environment from traditional printing methods, reducing the carbon footprint.  We focus on every detail when it comes to the patterns of our sintered stone, bringing hyper-realism to the next level.

Stop by or order a sample to confirm the look you want.  Sintered stone will be one of the most unique and contemporary surfaces for your home, and a talking point when you have guests over.


Product Type



Sintered Stone


Countertop, Exterior Floor, Exterior Wall, Interior Floor, Interior Wall, Shower Floor, Shower Wall


Cream, Gray, White

Material Surface Size

102" x 48", 126" x 60", 142" x 48"


Honed, Polished or High-Gloss, Satin, Textured



Slab Thickness

1/2", 1/4", 1/8", 3/4"


Sintered stone is popular for countertops, but also is a great solution for wall and floor surfaces, in both indoor and outdoor applications.


We believe when the building industry sources and manufactures building materials with sustainability in mind, we all live in a healthier world, and we want to do our part.  Sintered stone is ecologically friendly, and can be made from recycled materials.  It does not contain any VOCs, and is better than its non eco-friendly counterparts.


This sintered stone is available is three large formats:

  • 102″ x 48″
  • 126″ x 60″
  • 142″ x 48″

We can also cut and offer our sintered stone in tile formats.

Color Range

This sintered stone resembles carrara marble with great coloring and movement.  It displays the typical colors of whites with gray veining, and some creams.

Visual Pattern:

This carrara sintered stone has the visual pattern variation seen in nature. It is sophisticated with generous angled movement.

For countertops, walls, and floors, carefully selecting the right pattern on the slab for your kitchen or bathroom is needed to achieve the best look.

Texture and Finish:

Sintered stone is a hard material, so it can be finished with a variety of textures.  However, what makes this particular product unique is having a synthetic stone looking just like gray travertine, with a rough, texture finish previously only found in nature.  Therefore, we recommend this product with:

  • a rustic finish with a rough texture

The texture of this sintered stone can also be refined with a smooth surface, so we also offer it with:

  • a satin finish
  • a silk finish
  • a polished finish

The right finish will depend on the specific look you are going for in your project.

High resistance to abrasion and scratches

Sintered stone has high abrasion and scratch resistance due to its hardness.  It rates as a 7 or higher on the Mohs hardness scale.  It is less likely to scratch than marble, limestone, slate, onyx, etc..

Resistant to Acid

Sintered stone is resistant to acids.  It will not acid etch or loose its surface sheen when exposed to acidic liquids like tomatoes or lemons.

Easy to clean and disinfect

Sintered stone does not let the mess in, and is resistant to chemical cleaning agents.


Sintered stone does not release harmful substances.  It is completely suitable for contact with food.


Sintered stone is waterproof and liquid-resistant, with an absorption level near zero.

Resistant to Freeze-thaw

This product is not damaged by freeze-thaw cycles.

Resistant to High Temperatures

This product does not burn or let off toxic substances or smoke if in contact with fire or hot surfaces.

Resistant to UV Rays

This product does not deteriorate due to exposure to the sun.  The color is 100% natural.

Resistant to Bending

This product is resistant to high weight and pressure loads.  It has a high modulus of rupture, allowing us to use this material with a thickness of only 3mm.

Suitable for high traffic

This product has a hard surface.


This product is only 7 kg/m2 for the 3mm slabs, and only 30 kg/m2 for the 12mm slabs.

100% Natural

Sintered stone is resin-free.  It does not release harmful substances into the environment.


Up to 50% of our sintered stone is comprised of recycled raw materials.

U.S. Measurement
International measurement
Mohs Hardness: 7+
Bulk Density 2,580 kg/m³
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure 1.48%
Breaking strength 990 N
Slip Resistance 33/35
Flammability A1fl/A1
Frost resistance 6.4 MPA
Resistance to thermal shock .03%/3.5%
Resistance to abrasion 15.9 MM
Uniaxial compressive strength 155 MPA
Flexural Strength 6.6 MPA
bring your HOME to life with unique surfaces:

The finish materials you use for your home’s surfaces can become some of the most important focal points.  Using a carefully selected stone for floors and walls, and other surfaces, can add the unique tactile effect that exudes beauty, sophistication, and luxury.  Take advantage of our carefully curated stone options to introduce a new standard.

BULK Commercial Pricing

Because we have become known for our unique material selection, we do sell stone slabs and tiles to third parties.  If you are working on a large project and in need of large amounts, we can offer great pricing for bulk orders.  We can also finish the stone for your project.  However, all of our stone is hand selected for superior appearance and performance, so contact us to confirm availability and to receive a quote.

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