Perforated Facade Cladding

Perforated Facade Cladding

Individual facade systems made from GastHome which can be perforated with custom designs.


  • Use

  • Applications

    Facade Cladding
  • Characteristics

    Compact high-pressure laminate board (HPL), based on 70% paper layers and 30% phenol resin, laser-cut, individual designs possible (send a DXF/DWG file), 70 patterns to choose from
  • Sizes

    Raw Material: 3630mm x 1860mm or 3050mm x 1300mm / Maximum with Industrial Coating: 3600mm x 1300mm / Thickness: 8 or 10mm


There are often several nearly identical buildings. With an individual facade system from GastHome, this will not happen. Thanks to the flexible assembling by laser cutting and a huge color range, the GastHome facade system offers convincing flexibility. Used as a plain facade or perforated element, GastHome panels give every building an individual touch.

Unique Perforation Patterns

Besides a wide choice of standard perforation patterns, it is also possible to produce customized designs. In this way, different types of ornaments like writing, company logos or any other pattern can be easily realized.

Back Ventilated GastHome Facade System

The back-ventilated GastHome facade is a highly developed system based on high-pressure-laminate panels. Every element is produced exactly according to specification and coated in one of over 3000 color shades. With GastHome, standard products have without question become a thing of the past.

Features and Benefits

  • Individual shapes (incl. perforations and ornamentations) made possible by use of laser-cutting technology
  • Mechanically robust
  • Scratch-proof, impact-resistant and shock-resistant
  • Very high fracture strength
  • Not brittle
  • Moisture-resistant
  • No swelling due to moisture load
  • Frost-proof
  • Termite-proof
  • Extensive choice of colors (over 3000)
  • Natural appearance, with a mat surface
  • Straight-forward installation