2.4″ x 14.5″ Handmade Ceramic Tiles

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2.4″ x 14.5″ Handmade Ceramic Tiles


Our handmade 2.4″ x 14.5″ ceramic tiles lend character, artisanal beauty, and global inspiration to any space.  These tiles present the subway tile inspired design in a modern and trendy way, making them popular for walls and backsplashes.  Choose from a palette of colors with a glossy finish and a shiny, reflective sheen.  The tiles are the most environmentally friendly tiles currently on the market as they are made from reclaimed materials and use 100% lead-free glazes.  Pricing is per square foot, assuming 3/16″ grout joints.

This environmentally friendly tile uses over 50% recycled content.  We grind up items like porcelain and used glass to great our clay mix which forms the base tile. Paint is then applied by hand to the clay body. These decorative tiles can be used as a focal point, incorporated into backsplashes and showers.

Noticeable color variation: Variation is an inherent part of handmade tiles.  Color variation can be due to hue, saturation, sheen, or texture.  You may not notice this variation until after the tile has been installed.  Glaze variation ranges from low to high, and this product exhibits high color variation.

While there is potential for an order to have the maximum range of variation, it is also possible your order will be more consistent.  You cannot select your order to have a higher or lower range of variation.  Glaze on trim pieces may exhibit variation.

Finish Specifications: These star and cross tiles have a glossy finish with a shiny, semi-reflective sheen.

Trim:  Trim is not included with this product.  We do offer a full range of Trim Tile options in every color.  Trim tile is handmade to order.

Dimensions N/A

White, Earth, Gray, Ivory, Graphite, Riverbed, Sky, Cobolt, Lime, Mustard


Gast Home is committed to making homes with the most eco-friendly building materials.  These tiles are the most environmentally friendly ceramic tiles available.  A minimum of 50% of the clay body is made from recycled products including post-consumer (porcelain and glass) and pre-consumer (recycled granite dust).   Additionally, the tile and glaze waste from the production of these tiles is re-incorporated into the recycled body.  The tiles are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes, and stored on recycled pallets and crates.  Recycled sawdust and biodegradable peanuts are used for protection.


Because our tiles use over 50% recycled content, they qualify for numerous LEED points.

  • MR 4.1/4.2: Recycled Content (1-2 points)
  • MR 5.1/5.2: Regional Materials (2 points)
  • EQ 4.2: Low-Emitting Materials (1 point)
  • All of the glazes are 100% lead-free
physical properties

Tile thickness: approximately 5/16″

Weight: ~3.7 lbs per sq. ft.

Breaking Strength: >400 lbs

Scratch Hardness: 6.0 mohs

Commercial Pricing

If you are working on a commercial project, we offer pricing for larger projects.  Please contact us to discuss.

 Frequently Asked Questions
Below are answers to some commonly asked questions

Our tiles can be used for all wall and floor applications, backsplashes, stair risers, fountains, fireplaces, and outdoor areas like barbecue.  Please be aware that tiles with a gloss finish may be slippery for flooring applications.  

All of our ceramic tiles, including our hand-painted tiles, are fired at a very high temperature to ensure the highest  durability and quality which make them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.  However, our ceramic tiles are suitable for outdoor installations in warmer climates; we do not recommend these tiles for outdoor use in colder climates.  These tiles are frost resistant but not frost proof.

For our handmade tiles, we start with our standard clay bodies as the base.  When you place an order, our once fired tiles are screen-printed with the chosen pattern in wax, and then the glaze colors are applied.  After painting is completed, the tiles are fired and then shipped to you.  You can choose any color for your tiles.  Please be aware that with hand applied glazes, there will be color variation across the field of tiles.

Lead times are project specific, and depend on the time of your order.  Please call us when ready to order, and we will let you know the current lead time.

Yes!   We can make custom colors.  Tiles made with custom colors cost an extra $10/tile.  

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