With Smart TVs now, you can now download apps and get content without a 3rd party wifi source. You can also surf the web with a remote that acts like a laser pointer, and search any website and just watch the content on the TV vs. a computer.

The voice recognition doesn’t work that well on smart TV’s yet, so that is a reason to buy and use Amazon cube. The voice recognition for Apple TV is more complicated, but you can use Siri through your phone. The main reason to use Apple TV is because you can mirror your Apple iphone, ipad or imac and surf on that device and see it on the TV.

Sonos speakers like the Sonos playbar can also be used to talk to Alexa.
The newest smart TVs do allow you to talk to it though, to turn it on or off, or find content, and they get better each year, so try it out.

To get 4K content, you can now get that directly on the TV through an app:
• You can also upgrade to Apple TV, Amazon cube, Amazon 4K Fire TV, or Roku 4K, which all offer great content.
• Must upgrade Netflix streaming though (from $8/mo to $12/mo), or else you won’t be getting a 4k video on your 4k TV.
• Ideally get a very high quality HDMI cable with quality copper and a lot of silver, to get the best video.

For watching movies, 4k DVDs will have much higher quality than streaming the same movie, however you must have a 4k capable BlueRay player.

Each fire TV stick uses ~25 mbs download speed,
Computer `10mbs
Iphone ~5mbs