Smart Lighting allows you to control lighting in your home through the power of your smartphone, tablet, or voice, adding convenience and reducing energy consumption while improving security.

A lighting app allows you to control lights individually and directly, or define a lighting schedule for each minute/day/week for your home. You can turn lights on and off, and even dim your lights, based on the programmed schedule. You can also turn your lights off by countdown, which is helpful for young children or when you are leaving the house for an evening.

Another big advancement of new smart lights is that in addition to white or yellow light hues, you can have access to 16 million dimmable colors, you can pre-set up to 32 bulbs in groups of rooms or moods so that you can control and adapt the lighting of your home environment at the touch of your smartphone or tablet.

It is best to use low energy adaptive LED lighting. Gast Home smart LED bulbs will give you 15,000 hours of low energy lighting and has a cost efficient life expectancy of 15 years when used approximately 3 hours per day.

Bluetooth wireless technology avoids the need for a hub. You can find bulbs for any fitting and then automate your home lighting wirelessly through an app for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

In conjunction with the Gast Home smart lighting app for iOS and Android you can enable a world of adaptive and creative lighting while automating your home lighting all through the simple interface of your smartphone or tablet.

If yow want voice control you will need to buy bulbs that integrate with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri.

The goal is to simplify lighting by using an easy plug and play solution but still have all the benefits and cost efficiency of more complex solutions. Gast Home Smart Lighting is designed to be easy and cost effective to implement for the everyday user who wants the benefits of Smart Lighting without expensive and confusing technology.

Just plug and play with Gast Home Smart Lighting.