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Walnut is a beautiful and classy wood for interiors with a lot of character.  We love it for cabinets, but it can be used for many surfaces.  It has warm colors with deep, brown swirls and interesting grain patterns that many people find absolutely charming.  We source our Walnut from sustainable forests where we know the farmers or harvesters.  We then hand select our lumber to provide the most unique surfaces for interiors.  There is no need to stain this Walnut; just finish it smoothly and seal.  It’s a stunning wood that will bring character to your kitchen.

Walnut is perfect for stunning interior cabinets, floors and walls.  Colors ranging from light gold to deep chocolate brown offer a rich interior surface material.  Walnut has very large color variation, and it also mellows with age.  Therefore we hand select and carefully organize lumber and panels.  We prefer Walnuts that display a good mix of light, medium, and dark browns, with soft and sharp streaks of grays, greens, purples, and reds.  We use both straight and irregular grain patterns.  Burls and other surface movement is desired for some applications.  When the right lumber is chosen, and the boards are combined in the right way, Walnut can be one of the most beautiful woods in our collection.

Walnut is very dense and durable, and its medium-hardness holds up well under regular use.  It is moderately resistant to water compared to other porous woods, so you can wipe down the cabinets without fear of water damage.

Walnut is a hardwood tree species.  It comes from a deciduous tree known as Juglans.  In construction, Walnut wood can be used for cabinets, interior flooring and walls, trim and millwork, and veneers.

Wood is a product of nature, and therefore no two pieces are alike.  The exact same Walnut species growing in different locations can result in wildly different looks.  Please stop by or order a sample to confirm the exact look you want.



Wood Type



Cabinets, Interior Floor, Interior Wall

Wood Color

Dark Brown, Gray, Light Brown, Reddish Brown, Yellow/Gold

Wood Finish

Gloss, Matte

Wood Grain

Irregular, Straight

Wood Hardness

1,000 – 2,000 lbf

Wood Decay Resistance

Moderately Durable

bring your HOME to life with unique surfaces:

The finish materials you use for the surfaces around your home can become some of the most important focal points in your home.  Using a carefully selected wood for interior floors, cabinets, and other surfaces can add a unique tactile effect that projects beauty and luxury.  With our carefully curated building materials, your home can set a new standard.  Our Walnut  options are a great example.


Walnut is a great wood for cabinets, interior flooring, interior paneling, veneer, and interior millwork.

Color Range

A mix of light brown and milk chocolate brown, with streaks of dark brown.  Walnut sometimes has purples, greens, and grays, and even a reddish cast.  Walnut will exhibit moderate color variation from board to board.

Quartersawn Walnut shows off beautiful ray flecks, and thin dashes of dark browns.

We rarely stain Walnut as it already has a beautiful color range.

Finish and Texture:

Walnut naturally has a medium texture and a dynamic grain, so we finish our Walnut planks with a light brush or sand it smooth.  We want the wood’s natural beauty to come through.

Walnut also has a natural luster, and we rarely stain it.  You can still varnish it for a matte or gloss finish.


Walnut usually has a straight grain, but the grain can also be irregular.  European Walnut can even be found with curly, crotched, and burly grain patterns.  As with many woods, the grain pattern can change based on the type of cut.  We think Walnut is beautiful with a straight grain, but we also love the look of Walnut with a lot of visible movement on the surface.


Gast is committed to using green building materials.  This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices.  However it is reported by the IUCN as being near threatened.  It doesn’t meet their Red List criteria of a vulnerable or endangered species, but it is close to qualifying.  Therefore we source our Walnut from trees cultivated by environmentally responsible harvesters, and not wild populations.

When we source and manufacture our building materials with sustainability in mind, it means we live in a healthier world.


Walnut is easy to work with when the grain is straight and regular.  It is more difficult to properly surface Walnut with irregular or figured grains.  It is easy to glue and finish.

Rot Resistance:

Walnut is rated as moderately durable.  It is susceptible to insect attacks.  It should therefore be used indoors, and properly sealed.

U.S. Measurement
International measurement
Janka Hardness: 1,220 lbf 5,410 N
Modulus of Rupture: 16,160 lbf/in² 111.5 MPa
Elastic Modulus: 1,568,000 lbf/in² 10.81 GPa
Crushing Strength: 7,280 lbf/in² 50.2 MPa
Density: 32 lb/ft3 650 kg/m3
Shrinkage: Radial: 5.5%; Tangental: 7.5%; Volumetric: 13.0%
83%+ Clear:

We start with Select & Better graded lumber that is at least 83% clear on one side.

Kiln dried:

All of our wood is kiln dried and stored in a protected warehouse.

We store our wood as S4S, which stands for “surfaced on 4 sides.”  The boards have two flat and parallel faces and two flat and parallel edges.  The boards are first surfaced on both faces (S2S) with a planer, and receive a rip on both edges.

BULK Commercial Pricing

We do sell our unique wood slabs to third parties that have a need for this wood.  Our wood is hand selected for superior appearance and performance.  If you are working on a large project and in need of large amounts or slabs, we can offer great pricing for bulk orders.  We can also finish the wood for your project.  Please contact us for a quote if you are interested.

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