Reclaimed White Oak Quarter Sawn Flooring

SKU: WF-white-oak-quartersawn.

Reclaimed White Oak Quarter Sawn Flooring


This quarter sawn flooring shows white oak at its best.  Quarter sawn white oak offers a straight grain with beautiful perpendicular rays or flecks, providing an extremely sophisticated surface.  In our opinion it’s worth the extra money for quarter-sawn with this white oak — you get a lot of character for the price.  We prefer a smooth finish, but it can also be left with some face and saw texture.  Oil it for a matte finish or seal it for a more glossy look.

Quarter sawn white oak is a superb option for a showpiece floor in a large room.  The wider the planks the better.  Because oak is one of the most common lumbers used for building, this wood won't break the bank, but pay a little extra for the quarter-sawn cuts and your guests will think you paid a fortune.  White oak is one of the most beautiful woods to work with due to its grain pattern and character.  Oak has an open grain with large pores, which leads to its prominent grain pattern, and rift sawn allows for a linear pattern without the cathedrals commonly seen in oak floors.  Quarter sawn does have a premium over plain sawn, as you need to start with higher quality, straighter logs.  This allows the sawmill to split the log into four distinct quarters.  If the log is not straight, you get boards that exhibit rift, quartered, and plain sawn characteristics.

Wood is a product of nature, and therefore no two pieces are alike.  Please stop by or order a sample to confirm the exact look you want.



Wood Type



Interior Floor

Wood Color

Dark Brown, Gray, Light Brown, White/Straw, Yellow/Gold

Wood Finish

Gloss, Matte

Wood Grain


Wood Hardness

1,000 – 2,000 lbf

Wood Decay Resistance



Gast is committed to using green building materials.  This white oak is a great example of a sustainable building material.

When materials are sourced and manufactured with sustainability in mind, it means we live in a healthier world.


This white oak is a great wood for interior flooring, and it can be used for matching interior millwork.

Color Range

This white oak flooring has the colors typically seen in oak: tans and browns, with some straw yellow and a touch of red.

With our white oak, there is not even a need to stain — it’s naturally beautiful.

Finish and Texture:

These smooth white oak floors are finished with either a low VOC water-based polyurethane for a matte or satin finish, or an all natural VOC free flax-based oil.

These floor boards are sanded smooth, leaving no traces of the original face or saw marks.  This provides a clean and elegant look.  A more natural finish can be provided upon request, with an approved sample.


This oak has a calm, straight grain, which is clearly seen and displayed with the quarter cut.  The small flecks or rays offer a subtle, perpendicular movement to the main grain.

Dimensions and Formats:

This white oak flooring material is available in solid wood.  The thickness is 3/4″ and the plank width is 4.5″ – 12″ wide.  Standard lengths are 2′ – 10′ random lengths, but specific lengths and longer lengths are available on request.

Installation methods:

Installation methods vary based on wood format and site conditions, but solid wood floors are typically nailed, or nailed and glued, to a plywood subfloor.  When the planks are wide, gluing and nailing is the preferred method.

bring your HOME to life with unique surfaces:

The finish materials you use for the surfaces around your home become some of the most important focal points in your home.  Using a carefully selected wood for interior floors, cabinets, and other surfaces can add a unique tactile effect that projects beauty and luxury.  With our hand selected wood lumber, your home can set a new standard.  Our white oak  options are a great example.

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