Swing-up Hardware Fittings for Upper Cabinet Doors


Smooth operating lift-up hardware for upper cabinet doors. Perfect to hold open the upper cabinets in your kitchen for easy access to items while cooking.  No more endless opening and closing of your upper cabinets when you have no room for leaving your swing doors open.  Works with wood or aluminum frame cabinet doors.  Great for concealing a microwave or upper cabinets objects you don’t want visible.

  • Swing-up Fitting for Wood Doors
  • Adjusted to individual cabinet widths by cutting the aluminum cross bar to the desired length
  • For assembly on wood or aluminum doors
  • For upper cabinets
  • Concealed front panel fixing
  • Amount of upward travel: 380 mm (15")
  • Cabinet doors not included
ID Number Max. Internal
Cabinet Width
Max. Front
Panel Weight
Frame Size Door
372.51.222 870mm 11 lbs. 250 N 35mm (1-3/8"") or Wider Wood/ Aluminum Doors
372.51.232 1170mm 15.4 lbs. 320 N 35mm (1-3/8"") or Wider Wood/ Aluminum Doors
Weight 2.5 lbs