VOLCANUS Air Cleaning Plaster Mix

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VOLCANUS Air Cleaning Plaster Mix

Volcanus is an environmentally friendly plaster wall finish that has air purifying properties.  It is produced from volcanic soil from the Western United States, and is proven to purify air where it is applied with its organic magma.  It also controls humidity, extracting humidity from the air when levels are high, and releasing humidity when the air is dry with low humidity.  This is a 100% eco-friendly and green material.  Price is per pre-mixed bag.  Just add water!

GH has been working with different plaster mixes for over 20 years.  This multi-functional plaster is perfect for interior residential applications when you want a green solution.  It is an eco-friendly material made from local volcanic soil with air purifying, deodorizing, and humidity-controlling properties not possible with any other made made interior wall material.  It is a green alternative to drywall, paint, and wall paper, and an ideal material to promote a healthy lifestyle.  This plaster is currently available in a range of earth-toned colors.  Custom finish patterns can be achieved using our original trowels.


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in



Exterior Wall, Interior Wall


Beige, Brown, Cream, Gray


Rustic, Satin, Textured, Trowel


Classic, Contemporary



bring your Interior to life with SUSTAINABLE surfaces:

The finish materials you use for your interior surfaces become some of the most important focal points.  Using an environmentally friendly plaster for  interior walls, and other surfaces, can add the unique tactile effect that exudes beauty, sophistication, and luxury.  Take advantage of our carefully curated eco-friendly materials to introduce a new standard.

  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% natural product
  • Non-toxic
  • Air purifying
  • Odorless
  • Low VOC
  • Controls Humidity
  • Easily applied over many surfaces
  • Keeps spaces comfortable while reducing the use of air conditioning or heating

This plaster can be used for indoor wall surfaces.

Color Range

This plaster is a natural material with colors based on the location it comes from and the minerals available.  Volcanus is often brown and beige, and we offer it in a variety of earth tones.

Plaster can exhibit mild color variation from bag to bag.

TEXTURE & Visual Pattern:

Plaster’s manual application allows for visual variations and a range of aesthetics.  It can be smooth, striated, or applied with a rugged texture.

Carefully selecting the pattern you desire for your project is recommended to achieve the best result.  We are available to discuss your options.


At our company’s core, we believe the built environment should be constructed with sustainability in mind.  That way we all live in a healthier world.  We are doing our part by supplying and searching for materials that lighten the load on our planet.

There are many green or environmental aspects of using this plaster.  Because we supply it as a powder in bags, it weighs approximately 85% less than gypsum board.  Therefore more can be transported on the same truckload, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Also, the quarrying is 5-9 times more efficient than stone because we only need the powder and not slabs.  We recommend this plaster in homes in the Western United States, because it is mined out West.  Using local materials is ecologically friendly, and ties the building to the local landscape.

Because of its reduced weight, plaster requires less structural support.  This means less lumber, steel, and concrete to produce, ship and install.  As a result, we are decreasing the use of our most widely used natural resources.

Historically in the building process, there has been inherent waste of material.  This material has filled landfills, instead of being repurposed.  Plaster can be returned to nature.  This translates to no waste.

This plaster does not contain any VOCs or other compromising chemicals or toxins.  It comes naturally from the earth, so it is inherently sustainable.  Plaster is also very low maintenance–no need for paint, sealers, or harsh cleaning products.  There is no off-gassing from toxic materials, finishes, or adhesives.  Plaster has been used in construction for thousands of years, and is still used in relatively the same form.

abrasion resistance: LOW

Plaster has low abrasion resistance.  Light scratching will occur with exposure to abrasive items. The finish can damage as a result of this scratching.

Absorption: Moderate

Plaster has a high absorption rate, which is an advantage for interior residential applications.  However, oil and highly pigmented liquids can penetrate and stain.  To reduce the appearance of stains, wipe up spills immediately.

Acid Sensitivity: Minimal

Plaster is minimally sensitive to acids.

U.S. Measurement
International measurement
Mohs Hardness: 3-4
Bulk Density 2,580 kg/m³
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure 1.48%
Breaking strength 990 N
Slip Resistance 33/35
Flammability A1fl/A1
Frost resistance 6.4 MPA
Resistance to thermal shock .03%/3.5%
Resistance to abrasion 15.9 MM
Uniaxial compressive strength 155 MPA
Flexural Strength 6.6 MPA

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