The Global Green Building Materials Market was valued US$ 198.50 Bn in 2017 and is expected to reach 480.50 Bn by 2026, at a CAGR of 11.68 % during a forecast period.

Green buildings are also referred to sustainable buildings or green construction are buildings, which make usage of environment-friendly and resource-efficient processes for their designing, construction, maintenance, renovation.

Growing health concerns among people, raising awareness towards environment safety, and increasing demand for efficient energy usage is projected to drive the growth of the global green building materials market during the forecast period. The green buildings offer many benefits as compared to conventional buildings like efficient technology practice, easy maintenance, better air quality, water and energy efficiency, and high return on investment. These building also helps to deliver temperature moderation, waste reduction, water conservation, and enhanced physical and mental health of the inhabitants. These factors are expected to boost the global green building materials market growth.

Insulation is projected to grow at a high rate of CAGR during the forecast period owing to great levels of energy conservation. Growing construction activities in the residential and commercial sectors across the globe are expected to boost the growth of this segment. Furthermore, the Roofing segment has emerged as the second largest application. The rising popularity of non-toxic recycled rubber roofing owing to superior properties like weather-resistance and superior durability is expected to increase the demand for in green building materials in roofing applications. Tesla’s solar panels that look and act like roofing panels with only accelerate this growth.

Global Green Building Materials Market, By Product

• Structural
• Exterior
o Windows
o Roofing
o Doors
o Siding
• Interior
o Floorings
o Insulation
• Building Systems
• Solar Products
• Others
Global Green Building Materials Market, By End Use

• Framing
• Insulation
• Roofing
• Exterior Siding
• Interior Finishing
• Others
Global Green Building Materials Market, By Application

• Residential Buildings
• Non-residential Buildings
o Commercial & Office
o Institutional
o Industrial
o Hospitality & Leisure
o Others